Factors To Consider Before Tackling Home Extension Projects

Many people get excited from the thought of renovating their homes and giving it a complete new look. However, by keeping this excitement aside, it is very important that one does proper planning before he begins any new renovation project. Planning requires a lot of patience and this only leads to a successful result. Home extensions in Perth are getting quite common these days and you might also be thinking of getting it done for your house. Before you begin, here are some important things to consider.

Why do you need home extension?

A good contractor would surely ask you the reason of getting home extension done. There are could be many reasons of it. Some of them are listed below:

• There are times when you need to maximize your space to meet your family needs or you wanted to change your building and make it look like your dream house. Under such a case, this project is more about maximizing the value of your day to day experience of your home. For this you would be looking for better quality building.

• Home extension can also add value to your home. If this is your prime aim, you need to discuss with an estate agent as well to get an idea about the potential value of your home. It is really important that you maintain a fine balance between producing high end finishes and not spending more than what will be recouped upon sale.

• You might want to go for extension because you need an extra space for short term because you will be moving in the long run. If this is the case, then you must consider the cost of moving and compare extension cost as well. Do remember to take into account legal fees, removal costs and resettlement costs as well in your budget. Most of the time, the amount spend on short term home extension is dead money. It would be better if you do a very fair analysis. There is a chance that you find it better to save this money for your new home.

Making a realistic budget

Many people want more than what they can actually achieve within their budget. It is very important that you have a very realistic approach when setting up your budget and discussing your concerns with the architect. Once he knows your spending capacity, he will be in a position to come up with a design that would be affordable and practical at the same time. Also consider the legal fees and taxes that would be charged when you begin your home extension project.

Completion time

Usually the home extension projects take:

• One month survey and design time

• Two months in planning process

• Two months to produce working drawings and submitting them to the regulatory authority for approval.

• Up to four weeks to tender a project

• Two weeks for the contractor to start.

Always keep a margin for delays as well that may arise because of failure to get permission from the regulatory authorities. By hiring a good architect, you can avoid this problem easily. It is always better to start your project in summer and spring as the weather is clear. So you need to do the entire homework before spring arrives.