Home Extension Vs. Relocation: Why The Former Always Wins

Your living quarters have suddenly become small. Everything is cramped up. You know deep within that you need a new house. So you start planning on relocating. You plan on getting a bigger house with extra rooms for your children, a bigger kitchen, a spacious lawn and all the other extras that can make you live comfortably. But before you make up your mind, someone comes up with the idea of considering a home extension. It sounds like a good idea. You like it and even go online to find a thing or two about home extension projects. Before you know it, you are in a dilemma. You don’t know what to choose between executing a well-planned home extension project or relocation. Read on to learn why your home extension plan may be the best solution.

Costs and expenses
Putting up your home for sale will force you to spend a decent amount of money. You may have to hire a realtor to ensure your home gets a buyer within a short time. But even that move alone may not be enough. You may also have to spend for cosmetic changes like fresh paint, lighting and landscaping. On the flipside, carrying out a home extension project may only force you to restructure a few things and may be expand the rooms you thought were smaller. You may have to rip off some walls to create space and that will be it. Both options will force you to spend. One option will however, cost you less than the other.

The psychological aspect
Relocating to a new neighborhood may be easy for the adults in the house. Not so with the children. They will be forced to leave behind an environment they are familiar with. You may also be forced to leave behind the support, love and warmth of your neighborhood. Keep in mind that close knit communities are hard to come by these days. So if you already live in one, don’t let go. In a nutshell, uprooting your family from a home they are already used to can be emotionally trying and completely unnecessary when you can simply consider home extension.

This one goes almost without saying. No house sale is ever complete without some paperwork. You will have to hire an attorney for conveyancing purposes. This will cost you money and time. Simply avoid it if you can. Your home value can increase with the right extension plan Think of a home extension project like a complete overhaul of your home. You will certainly want the project to not just improve the quality of your home but also increase its market value. For that reason, you will have to hire the most competent home renovation builders in Perth. Worth with them to ensure that you have renovated all places that matter. Focus on the living room, the kitchen and the roof. They are by far the most important areas. Your washrooms also matter a lot. Have these areas renovated and your certainly will have an easy time selling your home at a profit if at all you have to relocate.