5 Things You Need to Keep in Mind before Building a Home Extension

With a housing market that is gradually showing signs of picking up soon, many homeowners choose to extend their homes rather than putting up them for sale. This also means that home extension service providers will be in business for a long time. But in as much as there are several home renovation builders in Perth, there are considerations that you should make before hiring one to transform your living spaces. Read on to learn more.

Your budget

Nearly all homeowners know that coming up with a home renovation budget before one can begin the actual project is important. Unfortunately, most of them still miss the point. They either ignore or fail to take into account several budget factors like cost of planning, VAT net and budget for emergencies. This usually results to stalled projects or projects that take too long to finish. To avoid such setbacks, set a budget and add a few extra thousands to the budget for unforeseen and unexpected emergencies.

Your goals

Home extensions

First off, ask yourself what you want to achieve with your home extension project. Are you after creating a new living area, an extra bedroom or improving your home’s curb appeal? These may seem like cliché questions but they can go a long way to help you determine the kind of alternations you may need to take into your account as you execute your home extension plan. Keep in mind that a well-built home, complete with neat extensions will always fetch you a lot in the real estate market, should you decide to sell it.

Project duration

Home extensions never happen overnight. Remember that the execution phase can still take time even after getting your planning permission. With that in mind, prepare yourself and your family for getting off their comfort zones for a while so as to allow the extension project to end on time.

Need for a specialist

Massive home projects like external home renovations and loft conversions are not regular DIY projects. They call for professionals like architects. So refuse the urge to carry out the whole project on your own. You may need to work or consult with an urban planner from your local authority, a structural engineer, a landscaping expert and of course, an architect.

Dealing with neighbors

The last thing you would want while extending or renovating your home is making your neighbors troubled with ongoing renovations. This happens mostly when the home extension project in question is a big one. So expect your neighbor to ask you a few questions before your project can begin. Note that some concerns are genuine and should be handled with care. You may, for instance, share a party wall with your neighborhood or even some parts of the roof. Any neighbor will in such circumstances be concerned. The best you can do is to inform your neighbor about your plans and make sure that you both are fine with the project proceeding. Be sure to also let your neighbor know what to expect in terms of noise during the project stages.