5 Things To Remember When Renovating Your Home

So you have decided to renovate your aging but much loved home? But prior to starting on of your renovation project, it is critical to remember that a home renovation is a long term investment, meaning that all decisions you make now will have significant consequences down the line. In most cases, home renovations in Perth are a lifestyle venture rather than an investment for a profit.

As such, instead of purchasing the cheapest materials you come across or painting in neutral colours that potential buyers prefer, it is recommended that you splurge on what you really love and what you know you will continue to love 30 or 50 years down the line. Here are some things to remember before or when renovating your home.

Have a clear plan

Home Renovation plan

Before a home remodelling undertaking, make sure to plan ahead and set yourself practical targets. Planning is critical part for the smooth progression of any given home renovation undertaking. You need to ensure that your plan fully addresses the design, labour, materials, timeframe and budget aspects of the complete remodelling undertaking. Plan the renovation to work around your schedule. A timeline that can be reviewed at least every few days is an excellent way to stay on track.


Regardless of whether you are just giving the living room a face lift with some paint, or beginning a full renovation, you should always compare quotes from different home renovation service providers. Shop around to help yourself get the fairest of the deals. Make certain to also hire the best people there is for the job at hand. Some of the best approaches to help get the right people is asking for referrals from previous clients and looking through the contractor’s portfolio.

Don’t leave it all to the renovator

While most renovation contractors are highly experienced and skilled at what they do, it is still recommended that you don’t leave it all to them. While your contractor might severally assure you that he has everything under control, it is critical to make certain that you are always aware of what is happening. You do not really want to leave the whole project to the contractor to complete without your input. If you do so, then be assured that the final result will not be what you expect. Apart from this, if there is an issue, you might end being legally or financially responsible.

Never ignore major problems

A renovation undertaking should fix both the minor and major issues in a home. If you opt to have minor problems fixed but ignore the major ones such as broken plumbing system, problematic floor, etc., then you are risking major damage to your home. Moreover, your local authority might not approve the final results of your renovation if there are major issues with your home or even work.

Take the lead and save

If you really want to save some money, then have a go at completing some of the undertakings yourself, or be your own project manager. Project managing implies co-ordinating or organising all the tasks yourself and making sure that everything goes as planned. Nevertheless, it is important to be realistic about your skill and experience level and the time you will be able to dedicate to the project. Otherwise, all your savings might go out the unfinished window.

All in all, good planning makes the difference between a positive renovation experience and a negative one. If you do it right, you will be rewarded with a marvellous home you will love coming to every day.